Who we are

  1. About

Lean Africa Consultants Limited is a consulting firm incorporated in Kenya that offers project finance, Public-Private Partnership and project advisory services.
We add value to our clients by sculpting project financing solutions that address their needs and requirements.

Our expertise helps project owners to conceptualize, structure and package projects efficiently in order to attract and identify sustainable and optimal financing.
Our post financing services ensures efficient management of the project financing facility so that the projects enjoys smooth draw down of the facility hence seamless implementation of the project.

We also safeguard project lenders’ interests by ensuring transparent application of project funds especially for complex projects that need constant monitoring and evaluation. We advise project lenders on the project implementation progress and the general management of the project financing facility.

  • Africa Project Finance Program

    Various reports indicate that Africa has continued to face challenges in attracting sufficient investments compared to other developing nations in the world because of the scarcity of bankable and feasible project pipelines. This has been occasioned by lack of local capacity to structure and package projects to ensure that they attract sustainable financing.

    To address this challenge, Lean Africa Consultants has initiated The Africa Project Finance Program; a three months intensive Earn As You Learn program that aims to equip African university graduates with hands on experience in project finance, project cost structuring, cost planning, project cash flow management, project accounting and Public-Private Partnerships. The overall objective of the Program is to build a pool of Project Finance Experts for Africa to bridge the capacity gap.

    The program not only equips the candidates in the above mentioned areas but also helps mould the candidates so that they can take leadership and strategic roles in project oriented entities. So as to ensure sustainability of the Program, we help place the successful candidates of the Program in Program Partner Employer Entities.

  • Africa Infrastructure Centre

    The African governments are investing heavily in Infrastructure especially in the road, railway, ports, energy, water and sanitation and telecommunication sectors. This presents vast and diverse opportunities for investors, financiers, consultants and contractors.

    The Africa Infrastructure Centre is a point of reference for infrastructure data and opportunities in Africa. We leverage on our African network to constantly scout for viable and bankable opportunities and empower our clients with this information.

    On behalf of our clients, we undertake due diligence, identify and subsequently advise them on strategic partners to work with in Africa.

  • East Africa Infrastructure Project Finance Conference

    The East Africa Infrastructure Project Finance Conference is an annual forum that seeks to engage governments, infrastructure industry leaders, financial institutions, investors and project owners on how best to prepare, structure and finance infrastructure projects in Africa.

    The forum seeks to forge strategic partnerships that can fast track the modernization of infrastructure in Africa and accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

    The Conference also seeks solutions to the unique challenges stifling Africa’s quest to attract financing, showcasing the different financing vehicles and how best to package them for the African continent.

    Besides the main Conference, the forum also hosts sector panel discussions in Energy, Urban Housing, Water and Sanitation, Logistics, Telecommunications, Ports and Airports.

    We are confident that the outputs of the annual conference will not only help the African continent package projects more efficiently, but also relieve the continent of the excessive and unsustainable borrowing to fund infrastructure projects.