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Project financing

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Project financing has emerged as one of the most ideal financing model for projects. This is because of the need to share project risks with lenders, lack of strong balance sheet base to guarantee normal corporate loans, governments’ appetite to leverage on private sector’s financing and innovation among others.

We are strong believers of the mantra that projects with strong potential to generate future cash flows should attract optimal and sustainable financing.

We take time to evaluate project sponsors and surrounding factors and aid project sponsors to conceptualize projects proposals that are bankable and can attract financing. We undertake careful risk evaluation and analysis, meticulously identify partners who can add value by plugging onto the projects and propose radical mechanisms that can manage the future project’s cash flow envelope so that both the lenders’ and the sponsors’ interests are maximized.

Should need arise, we employ risk enhancement mechanisms so as to enhance the project profile to suit the requirements of the different lenders. We identify strategic project lenders and negotiate the financing on behalf of our clients.

Project facility monitoring and management

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Managing of project financing facilities can at times be a cumbersome and procedural process especially for large and complex projects. Our expertise in the negotiation of the facility conditions together with the drawdown framework enables smooth drawdown and implementation of the projects leading to huge cost and time savings.

We also safeguard project lenders’ interests by ensuring transparent application of project funds especially for complex projects that need constant monitoring and evaluation. We advise project lenders on the projects’ bankability, project implementation progress and the general management of the project financing facility.

Project cost structuring and planning

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We are strong believers of efficient planning of all the projects we handle. After careful understanding and analysis of projects, we help our clients to devise the most efficient project plans that will guarantee smooth and efficient implementation of the projects that will ultimately optimize the project returns.

We break down projects into cost elements and build efficient project cost structures that enhance project returns and also ensure the project enjoys smooth cash flow during the project tenure.

We also help clients implement the project cost plans through efficient and forward looking cost control and management mechanisms that constantly evaluates project risks and issues early warning notifications.

Public-Private Partnership advisory

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Due to the unsustainable debt levels by most African governments, Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) is emerging as the preferred procurement and financing model for most ambitious infrastructure projects in governments’ project pipeline. Reports however indicate that the implementation of these projects has come with its fair share of challenges.

Lean Africa Consultants brings on board diverse experience in the structuring and negotiation of risk and return sharing criteria that ensures successful delivery of the projects.

We also help the project stakeholders in the undertaking of project feasibility studies, testing bankability of the projects, evaluating the sustainability of government proposal for PPP projects and also in the management of stakeholders in a PPP set up.

Project reporting and accounting

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Efficient, timely and accurate recording and reporting of project information is very fundamental in the decision making and monitoring of projects. Bigger and complex projects require keen attention to ensure the project reports give a true and fair view of the project on the ground.

So as to ensure that the project owners, contractors, lenders and other interested project stakeholders specialize on their core duty, we provide competent Project Accountants that ensure accurate accounting and reporting of project information.

Training and capacity building

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We offer in-house training and capacity building in project cost structuring and control, project finance, Public- Private Partnerships and project accounting.